The real estate in Wailea-Makena is completely exclusive

Some of the most isolated and beautiful beaches in the world are located in Wailea-Makena on the South Shore of Maui.  This area is a master-planned community with five-star hotels and luxury neighborhoods.  The area is surrounded by gorgeous scenery that includes lush-tropical greeneries and sandy-white beaches.  Residents also get to enjoy the very best in shopping, art, and recreation.  The real estate in Wailea-Makena is completely exclusive and has only the best in luxury estates and condominiums.

Ten different neighborhoods consist inside Wailea-Makena with the majority of them being gated and all providing absolute privacy.  Owners in all of these neighborhoods enjoy the very best in conveniences and indulgences of highest of lifestyles.

Condominiums flourish in Wailea-Makena.  The majority of them are priced in the millions but it is possible to find starting prices between $400 and $600 thousand.  Some of the lower priced condos can be found in Wailea Fairway Villas, Grand Champion Villas, and Wailea Ekolu.  Many of the communities in this area are very popular to be used as vacation rental communities to provide an extra income while the owner is away.  Some of the communities are far more exclusive and do not permit vacation rentals, and these types such as Kai Mahi at Wailea and Kanai Wailea are more popular with permanent residents.  The condominiums in these neighborhoods start at around $800,000 and can go to well over $1 million.  The most exclusive condo communities that do allow vacation rentals are Wailea Beach Villas, Wailea Point, and Hoolei at Wailea; condos and townhomes here start at a little under $2 million and tend to go over $10 million.

Wailea-Makena is not just home to condominiums.  Single-family homes are just as abundant in the area.  Wailea Kai is a great starting place to look for homes as this is the lowest priced neighborhood, and homes here are usually between $900,000 and a little over $1 million.  Next, at price ranges between $2 and $7 million are Wailea Resort and Wailea Golf estates.  Each of these borders the world class gold resort, Wailea Resort, and these are also two of the most highly regarded neighborhoods in the resort.  Wailea Highlands is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the resort and it is also the smallest; prices here range from $5 to $7 million.  Maluhia at Wailea is the only neighborhood that offers oceanfront homes and they start from $7 million.

There are several homes located in the Makena area that are not in gated communities and have a starting price at $3 million.  The gated communities in the area include One Palauea Bay, Black Sand Beach, and Makena Place, and these can start at $5 million and go to more than $20 million.  Black Sand Beach is the only oceanfront neighborhood.

The average sales price for a condominium in Wailea-Makena is $600,000, and a single family home is $3.75 million.  Most homes here only spend 197 days on the market.  This area is well known for being one of the top in luxury and recreation in the country.  Investors particularly have plenty of opportunities here to purchase rental properties.  Someone seeking a permanent residence here will also have an opportunity to make this perfect area in Maui their new home.

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Kahala – A must visit destination

Kahala, Oahu
Image by gershwin via Flickr

In Kahala, Honolulu you will find one of the most luxurious and extravagant pieces of real estate in all of Hawaii.  The place is situated along the neighbourhood of Kaimuki and Waialae, and is filled with a wide range of beachfront real estate.  Excellent weather conditions, as well as suitable weather await you here at Kahala.  As with every place here in Hawaii, the Kahala district is also a perfect place to enjoy the blue pristine waters of Hawaii and bask in tropical sun.  Unlike other beach destinations, seeing the place crowded is a very rare occasion, and is also excellent for outdoor activities such as beach volleyball, as well as snorkelling, deep sea fishing, and of course, swimming!  Lying by the sand listening to the serene sound the waves make is a relaxing activity by itself too.   If you love sight-seeing trips, then it’s a good idea to go hiking – here you can get the most astounding and panoramic views Hawaii has to offer, be it land or sea.  Try horseback riding trips and explore the beautiful landscapes of the countryside which surrounds the Kahala community.  Oh and don’t forget one of the best tourist attractions here – The Diamond Head Crater.

In Kahala real estate you will find one of the best Hawaii has to offer when it comes to beaches.  One such place is the Kahala Resort and Hotel, which used to be known as Kahala Mandarin Oriental, and is very well-known among the locals, as well as celebrities and notable personalities all over the world.  In here you will find top-notch facilities and luxurious amenities, combined with excellent customer service that will surely make your stay at Hawaii a truly unforgettable one.  You will also find the finest and world-renowned restaurants here at Kahala Resort and Hotel, featuring The Veranda and Hoku’s Seaside Grill.

If golf is your cup of tea, you would surely enjoy your vacation at the Waialae Country Club – it’s simply one of the best golf courses you can find in this island paradise.  This exclusive and critically acclaimed golf course promises its members the most challenging and enjoyable golfing experience they can ever have.  The barrier located along the Kealaolu Avenue is the longest one in the area and is the structure which protects the golf course from the outside world.  Shopaholics will also have a great time here at Kahala, as there are plenty of shopping malls here that offer authentic Hawaiian souvenirs, as well as other gift items.

If you are looking for a true Hawaiian getaway that you will never forget, come visit Kahala – it will definitely be one of the best experiences you will ever have in your life.

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Santa Cruz Real Estate Update

City of Santa Cruz, California

Like many American markets, the Santa Cruz real estate market has suffered its bouts of ups and downs throughout the past couple of years amid the larger financial crisis afflicting the U.S. The government’s stimulus program offering up to $8,000 in tax rebates to select home buyers helped the market regain some of its ground in the latter half of 2009.

Unfortunately some of the ground that was recovered at the end of the year seems to have slipped back in 2010. In January, the average price for a single-family residence sold in the Santa Cruz market was $569,544, down from over $603,000 in December 2009. Similarly, the median price in January was $480,000, down from $555,000 in December.

There were 94 homes sold in January, the first month sales figures fell below 100 since February 2009. The month saw a total inventory of 691 Santa Cruz homes for sale on the market, 208 of which were new. The condo market saw 22 total sales, the lowest figure since March 2009. In January, there were 212 condos on the market, 54 of which were new. Home inventory now sits at just 4.7 months worth, down from 11.9 months a year ago, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Condos and townhomes in the Santa Cruz market saw a drop in prices in January as well. The average price for a sold condo was about $359,000, down from over $378,500 in December 2009. The median price fell from $350,000 in December to just $313,500 in January.

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Cupertino real estate market

Cali Mill Plaza in Cupertino, California.
Image via Wikipedia

The Cupertino real estate market is closely linked to the rest of the Bay Area’s economic fortunes. According to a February 19, 2010 article in Business Week, “Home sales in the San Francisco Bay area dipped more than usual last month, and median prices are down from December, suggesting the market has lost some of the momentum it gained in the second half of 2009, according to a real estate tracking firm.” The piece, composed by Evelyn Nieves, continued to say that “San Diego-based MDA DataQuick reported Thursday that home sales dropped by 38 percent from December in the nine-county Bay Area. A decline in sales from December to January is normal for the season, but on average, sales have dropped 28 percent, the firm said.”

Cupertino homes for sale also faced a decline in sales volume, according to a February 19, 2010 article in the San Francisco Chronicle. The piece found that “The Bay Area housing market lost some of its 2009 momentum in January, according to an authoritative real estate report, but prognosticators do not necessarily see a shift toward slower sales in 2010.” The article, written by Robert Selna, continued to say that “Data analyzed by MDA DataQuick, a San Diego research firm, show that 4,853 new and resold houses and condominiums closed escrow in the nine-county Bay Area last month. That represented a decline of 38 percent from December and a 4 percent drop from January 2009.”

The Cupertino real estate market also faced a foreclosure problem in the early portion of 2010, according to a February 17, 2010 article in the Mercury News. The piece found that “After taking a break for the holidays, foreclosures spiked in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties in January. Despite efforts by the federal government and lenders to help people stay in their homes, foreclosures rose 37 percent in Santa Clara County last month from December, and 71 percent in San Mateo County, according to a report Tuesday from ForeclosureRadar.” The article, written by Sue McAllister and Pete Carey, continued to say that “In another sign that housing woes are far from over, more homes are lingering in the foreclosure process…”

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New Haven real estate

New Haven, Connecticut
Image via Wikipedia

New Haven real estate and properties in the rest of the Connecticut have suffered from frighteningly high foreclosure rates over the recent months.  Luckily, the trend seems to be ending soon.  According to Dan Levy’s Bloomberg article on November 12, 2009, “U.S. foreclosure filings surpassed 300,000 for an eighth straight month as unemployment made it tougher for homeowners to pay their bills.”  Additionally, “rising vacancy rates and the resulting loss of rental income will lead to the reduction of the market values of properties and increase foreclosure rates.”  However, foreclosure filings in Connecticut dropped over twenty-six percent to 2,306.  This positive change brings hope to several homeowners who have watched foreclosure rates increase in nearby New York and Massachusetts as of late.

New Haven homes for sale have maintained a relatively consistent price level despite other areas experiencing price cuts of up to forty-three percent, like in some Floridian neighborhoods. However, New Haven properties have not been immune.  In Daniel Taub’s Bloomberg news report on November 12, 2009, it appears as though more than thirty percent of homes in New Haven have experienced price reductions, although more recent numbers show that price reductions are beginning to taper off as the economy recovers and sellers begin to regain some pricing power.

A large part of real estate in New Haven is dedicated to Yale University’s faculty, staff, and students, and is largely seen as immune to most changes because of the properties’ operational necessity to the school.  Regardless, Yahoo! Real Estate reported 244 foreclosures in New Haven between October and November 2009, selling at a median price of only $139,000.  This price tag is a 0.7 percent drop from the previous month’s median.  The median price for other homes for sale didn’t change.

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